Welcome to Monotone's space in the internet.

Monotone is an MC, producer, writer, and visual artist from Chicago. He started his artistic journey in 2009 and in 2012, Monotone helped co-found Elephant Rebellion, a hip-hop activist artist collective from Uptown, Chicago. Together with Elephant Rebellion, Monotone has had the honor of touring all over the Mid West performing their own original music while also running workshops for youth and adults alike. Monotone has since moved to Los Angeles in 2021 to further pursue his artistic ventures.

Monotone relates his art to himself before all, focusing on what he knows best. His struggles, pain, moments of reflection, and stories of triumphs are the main ingredients of his writings. Philosophies of human nature, the state of our ever-changing societies, the fluctuating divide between good vs evil are also prevalent throughout his music. Monotone takes very few things more serious than the lyrics of his records and the quality of his art. 

Monotone ultimately strives for the creation of value through his art, whether it be production, lyrics, or even visuals. To him, there is nothing like sharing golden moments of life, in the moment of time.